The Microwave Cook Book Of Anglo Indian Recipes


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THE MICROWAVE COOKBOOK OF ANGLO-INDIAN RECIPES, is an interesting collection of easy- to- follow Recipes of popular and well-loved Anglo-Indian dishes. I have selected the most popular recipes from all my earlier Anglo-Indian Recipe Books and brought them out in this book.The selection offered in the book ranges from Microwave Breakfast Recipes, Soups, Pepper-Water and Mulligatawny, mouth-watering Curries of Chicken, Meat, Pork, Seafood, Eggs, Vegetarian and Rice dishes, Desserts, Festive Sweets, Home-made Curry Powders, etc., that could be made in a jiffy.

Dishes such as Anglo-Indian Pepper Water, Mulligatawny, Country Captain Chicken, Chicken Jalfrazie, Meat Ball Curry (Bad Word Curry) and Coconut Rice, Railway Mutton Curry, Lamb Stew, Beef Pepper Fry, Pork Vindaloo, Pork Devil Fry, Fish Moley, Prawn Vindaloo, Egg Curries, Vegetable Foogaths and Side Dishes, Pilafs / Pilau of Beef, Mutton, Chicken, are sure to bring on nostalgic memories evocative of a by-gone era. A mixture of East and West to anyone who likes Anglo-Indian food. Desserts and Festive Sweets include the classic Bread Pudding, chocolate and almond fudge, Coconut Sweets (Barfi) Dol Dol and many other popular festive treats. Tips on thawing and defrosting raw food items, reheating cooked food, the type of dishes or containers that should be made use of, how to clean the inside of the microwave, besides many other helpful hints and suggestions for cooking in microwave oven are also included in the book.

The easy-to-follow recipes make cooking these old, popular, sumptuous dishes, enjoyable and problem-free in your Microwave. I am confident that anyone who follows these recipes will turn out dishes that will truly be a gastronomic delight besides having a rendezvous with History.