The MBA Mindset 13 B School Secrets To Kick Start Your Career


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Elevate your B-school journey; transform your career

Hundreds of thousands of students take admissions in business schools with a dream of creating a rewarding career. This dream often gets shattered because B-schools solely focus on providing business adroitness, often ignoring other critical skills. Moreover, students chase wrong goals, take unwise career decisions, and end up moulding a dissatisfying career filled with regrets.

The MBA Mindset will enable you to optimise your B-school journey, extract maximum value from an MBA, and eventually build a fulfilling career. It will guide you towards the most critical steps in your MBA journey:

? Nurturing your MBA aspirations and cracking the B-school admissions
? Laying out a plan for your B-school journey
? Selecting the apt MBA specialisation
? Building a personal brand and networking effectively
? Making the best use of internships, projects, and corporate competitions
? Grabbing the best offers from your dream firm
? Continuing to learn after graduating to achieve sustainable success

This witty and informative compendium, scattered with real-life instances, will send you rolling on the floor laughing and help you craft a meaningful career during your B-school sojourn.

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Prashant Navin Gupta