Simple Ways To Manage Stress


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Do you feel stressed out all the time? Do you feel you never have enough time to complete all your tasks? Do you wonder how to manage work, family and other aspects of your life, in today’s fast-paced world? Relax! Simple Ways to Manage Stress offers common-sense solutions for your everyday problems. Find out how to change your life from stressful to stress-free. Discover the wisdom of Ten Attitudinal Guru Mantras for self-motivation. Learn the difference between KFP (Kee Farak Painda) and BFP (Bahut Farak Painda). Written in an easily readable style, with humorous illustrations by Mickey Patel and a foreword by the renowned cardiologists, Professor M.L. Bhatia, Simple Ways to Manage Stress is sure to make a positive difference to your life.

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