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THE ANATOMY OF SUCCESS …… STITCH BY STITCH From packing his first order in a garage, to clothing the world, this is the fascinating journey of a self-made entrepreneur. One who has produced enough garments to clothe every person on this planet ? twice over. Deepak Seth started his tryst with garments with an order for six thousand shirts, way back in 1976. He packed the order in his house to dispatch it in time. He was only twenty six years old at the time. What did he do right to get his companies to being global multinationals? Today, the Deepak Seth Group (DS Group), including PDS Ltd. and Pearl Global Industries Ltd. (PGIL), ships over a million pieces of garments daily from factories across the world. Resolute By Design traces the story of a legendary businessman and the events that shaped him. It explores his journey as he took opportunities before they knocked, had a vision to reach the very top, made timely decisions, took leadership and chose, not the easy, but the ethical path to success. The life of Deepak Seth will capture your imagination, open your mind to possibilities and leave you with valuable life lessons on relationships and business.

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Rajendra K Aneja