Old School Tales


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?Did he, I wonder, get a glimpse of the playing fields we knew so well as boys? Perhaps memories of his school days flooded back as he flew over the foothills. Perhaps he remembered the tunnel through which we were able to make our little escape to freedom.?

Who doesn?t miss the good old school days when our biggest worry used to be completing our mathematics homework and the walk home from school on hot summer afternoons, with icecream dripping down our arms, would make our day? Schools bring a mixed bag of emotions and experiences: carefree, fun and joyous yet tinged with worries about good grades, strict teachers and losing friends.

In Old School Tales, Ruskin Bond takes readers down the memory lane, reminiscing about his wild escapades during his idyllic school days in Shimla. Relive the days of wonder and abandon with this collection of wistful yet amusing stories?the perfect companion for summer holidays!

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