Mathematics For IIT – JEE Main And Advanced


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This new edition of a very well-known and popular IIT-JEE Mathematics prep book carries all its hallmark features of the earlier editions. Along with exploration of theory, de?Onitions and derivations, the book carries a plenty of solved examples – from simple ones to more complex and tough problems in each chapter – to hand-hold students into the process of problem solving. After every important topic, problem exercises have been given which the students are expected to solve on their own. Hints and solutions of these problem exercises are given in case the students need to refer to these. Apart from the newer Main and Advanced problems, this edition carries all the old classic problems of the past decades from JEE as well as other similar examinations, because many such questions and their solutions are thought to be extremely important for developing a proper pedagogical approach to solving IIT-JEE Mathematics problems irrespective of year of examination. An assortment of selected problems of Main and Advanced exams of the last 5 years have been given at the end of the book along with solutions which the students can use as integrative practice questions and also get familiar with the trends of the recently held examinations. For an audio-visual demo and to get a closer look-and-feel of solving, ? 17 Videos ? 400+ Solved Examples ? 3000+ Practice Questions

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M L Khanna