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Already established as a seminal textbook on macroeconomics, the 20th edition of Macroeconomics continues to take the legacy forward with recent updates. This new edition presents the latest thinking of modern economists and emphasizes the analytical core of economics with particular attention to economic growth and analysis of market economics. The text is designed to cover syllabi requirements of graduates taking up macroeconomics. To enrich the book further for its Indian readers, Indian content has been added at relevant places to relate the concepts more specifically to the Indian context. This edition is a thoroughly updated version, and feedback from readers and academicians have been incorporated. The revised content with new sections and appendices captures the recent happenings in macroeconomics in India as well as globally. Salient Features: 1) Two central approaches of Keynesian economics followed to understand business cycles 2) Special emphasis on Neoclassical growth model for better comprehension of longer-term growth trends 3) Prominence given to advanced topics such as modern financial theory, real business cycles, and global public goods 4) Fresh end-of-chapter questions, with a special accent upon short problems that reinforce major concepts 5) Thoroughly updated Indian economic data across the chapters

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Sudip Chaudhuri