“Lord of the Rings” Trilogy Photo Guide

The official children’s pictorial storybook covering all three Lord of the Rings movies. A full-colour photo guide packed with stunning pictures of the key characters, creatures and places in the film. Discover the origins of the Ring, find out about each of the Nine Companions and their characters, see how the Fellowship was formed, and follow the Companions as they embark on their quest to destroy the One Ring. As the armies of the Dark Lord Sauron come together, Gandalf and the rest of the Fellowship are drawn into the epic War of the Ring, while Aragorn must decide whether or not to fulfil his destiny and claim his place as King of Gondor. This exciting and colourful introduction for younger readers to the film and the “Greatest Adventure Story Ever Written” is packed with over 250 photographs from the film, including many published in this edition for the very first time.

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