How Business Storytelling Works


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Why are you alive today and reading this book?
How will you, a corporate professional, be relevant in the future?

The #1 answer to both is storytelling.
Business storytelling is the #1 skill you need to succeed in your professional lives amidst all the noise, competition and massive technological disruption. In this book, Sandeep looks at human evolution, behavioural psychology and the world of movies to identify the golden principles of storytelling.
Whether you are a corporate professional, an entrepreneur, a tech guru, a marketer, a strategy consultant, a social media influencer or a student, the book tells you how to succeed in the REAL world. Sandeep brings in nuggets from his numerous storytelling workshops at leading corporates and business schools, and intersperses it with illustrations and hordes of popular culture references, making the book
as engaging as a good story. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the checkout counter.

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Sandeep Das