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It’s time for new leadership. Today’s world of work is more digitized, decentralized, and unpredictable than ever. As we emerge from the COVID crisis, we need to move from transactional to human-centric management, mindsets and methods.

In Empathy Works, work futurist, speaker, and workforce consultant Sophie Wade shows you why empathy is a critical corporate value and skill – for achieving engagement, productivity, and sustained growth in a post-pandemic world. Sharing data and insights from brain science, organizational psychology, as well as real situations and stories from around the world, Wade guides you through the steps to cultivate empathy throughout every aspect of your organization – from culture to leadership, for managing distributed workers, sales teams, and bridging generations.

You’ll learn how to integrate empathy habits into management practices and daily operations, nurturing an organization empowered by human-centric connection and understanding. Not only will you create a more supportive, meaningful, and positive workplace, but you’ll gain a sustainable competitive advantage as you manage, motivate, and enhance team performance and business results.

An invaluable resource for existing and rising executives and managers, Empathy Works provides you with essential insights and knowledge to adapt, thrive, and grow-no matter what the future holds.

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