Economic Botany


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Contents Economic Botany-Introduction Cereals and Millets Legumes & Nuts Vegetables Fruits Fibres and Fibre Yeilding Plants Wood and Cork Rubber and its Products Fatty 0ils and Vegetable Fats Essential Oils Sugar and Starch Pulp and Paper Industry (A Cellulose Product) The Medicinal Plants Fumitories and Masticatories Spices and Condiments Tannins and Dyesl Gums ad Resinsl Non-Alcoholic Beverages andBeverage Plants Alcoholic Beverages Useful Aspects of Lower Plants Methods of Crop Improvement Food Adulteration Alcoholism Forests and Action Plans The Sacred Plants An Intoduction to Ethnobotany A Summary-Indian Raw Materials and Industrial Products Glossary of Medical Terms Question Bank Bibliography

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B P Pandey