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In his third book, well-known educationist and serial entrepreneur Bikram Dasgupta documents his real-life experiences on diverse and extremely relevant issues in the form of a diary. Written in a highly conversational and engaging style, the purpose of the book is for the youth to ‘Learn-n-Intern’, or L-n-I as it is popularly known.
L-n-I forms one of the major pedagogic innovations in the academic delivery system designed by Bikram. L-n-I derives its uniqueness from the self-pressure model enunciated in a series of highly participative sessions, conducted by Bikram himself. Over the years, thousands of youths from Globsyn’s education fraternity have participated in Bikram’s L-n-I sessions, and have been enamoured by his words of wisdom on career, life and beyond, as he captures his trials, tribulations and successes of being a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Now, with several participants of the L-n-I session having spent a sizeable amount of their life in pursuit of their aspirations, it is evident how the L-n-I sessions have enriched minds and created leaders.
The main purpose of this book is to make Bikram’s L-n-I sessions accessible to many more young people and equip them with the knowledge, aptitude and attitude necessary to pursue their aspirations and become leaders.