A History Of The Ruling Dynasties And Rulers Of The Indian Subcontinent


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The history of the Indian subcontinent is incredibly vast and unwieldy, due both to the immensity of the geographical area of the subcontinent, and to the very long period of time spanning its recorded and anecdotal history. The published books and chronicles documenting history of the subcontinent are limited mostly to either certain specific periods of time, to certain kings, rulers, emperors, or dynasties; or to some limited geographical areas. As a result, it is practically impossible to get an overall grasp of the entire vast history of the subcontinent for any reader of History. Any serious reader of the history of the Indian subcontinent will realize that there is a need for a book to document the names of various ruling dynasties and rulers and the periods of their reign in a single comprehensive volume; mainly as a quick reference guide, without going into too much detail about the period in question, or specific information about each of the dynasties or rulers. This book is a humble attempt to fulfil that need, with the hope that it is found useful.